Who is Suluit?

Nukâka Coster-Waldau is raised In Uummannaq on a tiny island in the fjords of Northern Greenland. She headed south when she was 20 years old to pursue her childhood dream. She landed in Denmark where she was the first Greenlander ever accepted into the prestigious four year acting program at the Danish National School of Performing Arts. After completing her studies, Nukâka immediately began her international acting career in theater productions, film and televison earning leading roles in numerous plays receiving critical acclaim for her ”captivating”, ”provocative”, and ”honest” performances. Acting was Nukâka´s dream, music was her passion, and she quickly made a name for herself, composing or singing for theater, documentaries, film or a as singer in numerous bands. During her illustratrious musical career, Nukâka has performed for a multitude of prestigious, national and international events and worked with some of the greatest play directors as Jo Strømgren and Christorp Marthaler.

Karina Møller was born in Qaqortoq in South Greenland. After growing up in the country´s capital, Nuuk, Karina moved to Los Angeles where she graduated from the Musicians Institute. Straight out of school, Karina began touring across the globe as a solo artist, actress, choreographer, and dancer and became the lead female vocalist for one of the most popular indigenous groups today, Pamyua. Playing stages and festivals from Southern Chile to Northern Canada and from Denmark to China, Karina and the group received several major awards, including Record of the year at the Native American Music Awards. In 2013, Karina settled in Europe where she released her first solo album ” Simplify ” and began collaborating with several different bands and musical theatre productions.


HH Suersaq is born and raised in Qeqertarsuaq, the only city in the great Disco Island in North Greenland. After graduating from the inaugural class of the new Greenland National Theatre School in 2014 HH Suersaq instantly became one of the most sought-after performers in the country. As an accomplished singer, violinist and inuit throat singer, he has crisscrossed athe icy island with numerous shows, receiving outstandning reviews for nearly all of his performance. HH Suersaq voice is already resonating outside his nativeland. We can hear he´s throat singing on numrous world music recordings, and he has performed with many renowed indigenous artits from the Arctic Nunavut, NWT and Nunavik Canada, including Tanya Tagaq, the multiple winner of Canada´s Aboriginal Recording of the Year. He has also performed with other renonwed artists as Tiffany Ayalik and Sylvia Cloutier both known for their amazing throat singing.

Ilannguaq Lumholt is the youngest of 8 siblings, all talented musicians. His mother is the well-known Greenlandic singer and drum dancer Pauline Lumholt. Ilannguaq is a singer and songwriter, and music has brought him all over the world. He was the lead singer in the band The Benefits who got a record contract in the United States, and they were the opening act for Whitney Houston, Rihanna, Simply Red, etc. He later went solo under the name of ILANG and has performed with Danish stars like Medina, Rasmus Seebach, Burhan G, KATO, etc. As a songwriter, he has written for Cee-Lo Green, and a number of the biggest K-pop bands like Super Junior, Exo, and Shinee.



Kristoffer Jul Reenberg is a prodigious keybordplayer, pianist, composer, and music producer. Kristoffer is not only a fixture across musical genres in Denmark, he also knows the sounds of the North better than almost any other Viking. For the last 20 years, he has recorded and toured across the US, Europe, and South America with a handful of the Arctic´s most reputable acts, including  Pamyua and Greenlands Rasmus Lyberth. In Denmark Kristoffer has been working with many Danish big names as Niels Hausgaard, Tina Dickow, Rasmus Nørh, Rasmus Lyberth, Hugo Rasmussen, Jane & Shane, Marilyn T Keller, Gitte Henning and many others. Kristoffer has been composing music for films, documentaries, theatre and procuced for many artists.



Peter Kibsgaard is a drummer, producer, songwriter, singer and teacher. Main instruments: Drums, percussion, and vocalist.  Peter majored in music/mathematics at the prestigious Sankt Annæ Gymnasium. He was a soloist in Copenhagen boys’ choir that toured in Scandinavia, Europe and USA.
Peter has done intense studies with fx. Changuito in Havana and Rune Olesen, Copenhagen.
Peter has been performing and recorded with well-known artists such as Emergency Relief Orchestra, Jason Mraz, Aqua, Shubidua, Rasmus Nøhr, Al Agami, Erann DD, Frank Leppard, Music Relief, Bolverkket, Rockers by Choice, Senor Coconut Contributed and a numerous of musical tv programs – Join the Sheet Music 1 – 4, My Summer Life, Sing & Guess, The Bar, Tjelle and Hjaltes super cool Christmas show. Founder of the ‘Emergency Relief Orchestra’ – July 2018 Tour of Denmark’s refugee camps with the Emergency Assistance Orchestra (14 concerts). Drummer, composer, and executive for: Frank Leppard (New album February 2019 on the VME) Emergency aid orchestra (Live album February 2019 on Gateway Records) Bolværket – 4 album releases 20-09-2019 – Music/choir teacher at Sjælsmark asylum center.

HH Suersaq lives in Greenland and the rest in Denmark, therefore it can be challenging to have all members at concerts, so it is often that HH Suersaq and Ilannguaq Lumholt who replace each other. Depending on the venues, apart from the pianist Kristoffer, other musicians can be featured on stage like a percussionist and/or a bass player.

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