Testimonial The Greenlandic House

“About Suluit
The Greenlandic House in Copenhagen has twice during 2018 had the pleasure of opening the doors to a bang of a concert with Suluit.
 The first time at the Culture Night, where they with their very special energy and evocative performance gave the audience a unique experience.
 The second time they played here was in connection with the film premiere of Anori, where they once again laid down the house at the reception following the screening.
 I hereby give Suluit the warmest recommendations from the Greenlandic House.
Their music and their performance create a very special atmosphere. The band performs with tremendous joy, a joy that the audience can’t help from being moved by.”

Yours sincerely
Lars Lerche
Culture and information manager
Kalaallit Illuutaata – The Greenlandic House
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