Testimonial UNESCO

“In connection with my UNESCO Chair in Cultural Rights at the University of Copenhagen, I organized a symposium at UNESCO’s international headquarters in Paris on” Women in Cultural and Science “on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2018. Suluit was both the opening and closing act at this symposium, and the band performed so well – in such a professional and moving way – that the Danish permanent UNESCO delegation, which was the official host of the symposium that day, received a lot of enthusiastic inquiries afterwards. We had a truly international audience, and people were deeply touched by Suluit’s performance. The band managed not only to perform so beautifully that it almost brought tears to everyone’s eyes, but also in such a way that its love for Greenlandic culture and history emerged very clearly. In addition, the band prefaced each song with words and stories that highlighted the role played by Greenlandic women in several of the famous discoveries of the past into Greenland. By thus praising these unsung female heroines, the band managed to unite the theme of the symposium, women in culture and science, in the best possible way. I give Suluit my deepest and warmest recommendation and very much hope to be able to work with the band again in the future.”

Helle Porsdam
Professor of Law and Humanities and UNESCO Chair in Cultural Rights
University of Copenhagen
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